Untrafficked Recognized with Dallas Police Department's High-Risk Victims Trafficking Squad

By Untrafficked Team On December 8, 2022

It was an honor for Untrafficked to be recognized with Dallas Police Department’s (DPD) High-Risk Victims Trafficking (HRVT) Squad during our Public Safety Committee meeting.

This small but deeply committed team of detectives specializes in investigations involving the sexual abuse, human trafficking, and exploitation of children under the age of 18 who are induced into commercial sex.

Just two months ago, the HRVT Squad’s professionalism and expertise were on full display when the squad partnered with local and national nonprofits to save a 15-year-old girl who dropped out of school and ran away with her 20-year-old alleged groomer.

Untrafficked ran an intelligence operation that aided the DPD HRVT Squad in the rescue of the victim and the arrest of the predator.

We owe a big thanks to DPD HRVT Squad for their dedicated efforts to protect, serve, and keep safe our neighbors. We also want to thank our restoration affiliate Refuge City for coming alongside our efforts, combatting child sex trafficking, and supporting survivors.



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