Become a Guardian

Join the Movement. Protect your Family. Untraffick America.
Teenager being groomed online for sex trafficking

As A Guardian, You Will...

  • Learn about what is child-sex-trafficking and grooming in the United States
  • Identify signs of change in the behavior of your children due to grooming
  • Learn how to address your children with care, love, and respect
  • Learn how to monitor your children’s online and social media activity, cell phone calls, texting, and chat activity
  • Learn how to initiate healthy talks with your children about school, parties, friends, strangers
  • Learn how to impart good boundaries on your children Learn how to stop the grooming of your children by traffickers and predators

By Taking The Pledge

By signing The Untrafficked® Pledge you will become an Untrafficked® Guardian. You will link arms with thousands of Untrafficked® Guardians to learn how to Untraffick your home, neighborhood, and community.

Take The Pledge & Become A Guardian

You Will Also

  • Gain access to the Untrafficked® Guardian Portal
  • Receive the online Untrafficked® Guardian Handbook
  • Receive invitations to attend local and national Untrafficked® events
  • Stay informed on breaking news through Untrafficked® Briefings
  • Have access to Untrafficked® videos and digital publications
  • Be contacted to respond to urgent Action Alerts
  • Participate in Guardian conference calls
  • Participate in prayer-against-trafficking calls
  • Be inspired monthly by the Untrafficked® Newsletter

The Untrafficked® Guardian Program is made up of a carefully and thoughtfully composed curriculum with the goal to inform and equip you on how to become a well-trained defender of your home, protecting your children from being groomed by sexual predators and traffickers online and through other methods.

The Guardian Program Will...

  • Teach you about what child sex trafficking and grooming is
  • Train you to talk with your children about grooming and trafficking
  • Equip you to spot if your children are being groomed, abused, or trafficked.
  • Guide you through how to Untraffick your home, your neighborhood and your community.

Once you have completed the training, use this handbook as a resource guide as you talk with your children and family members about grooming and child sex trafficking. Guardian worksheets are also included for you to take notes and chronicle each meeting you have with your children.

Take The Pledge & Become A Guardian

I PLEDGE to raise my voice, take action and do my part to stop child sex trafficking.

I PLEDGE to stand alongside innocent children and keep them safe.

I PLEDGE to speak out on their behalf whenever and wherever necessary.

I PLEDGE to Untraffick America!

Become a Guardian.

Join the Movement. Protect your Family. Untraffick America.