About Untrafficked

Untrafficked® is a national anti-child sex trafficking 501(c)3 organization educating and empowering Americans to speak and act with one voice in defense of at-risk children and children that are survivors of child sex trafficking. Untrafficked® is diverse across political, ethnic and demographic categories which maximizes our impact in communities, the media, on campus, in our nation’s capital and across the United States. Untrafficked® is committed to confronting indifference and combating child sex trafficking in all its forms wherever it may be found. Untrafficked's EIN is 85-0894728.

Our Mission: To Untraffick America

Untrafficked® equips and mobilizes people to stop child sex trafficking and restore survivors - giving them hope for a brighter future.

We deploy advanced technology, utilize deep intel capabilities, and leverage our well-established affiliate network.

We collaborate with well-vetted organizations in order to establish effective alliances to bring operational support to make a lasting effect on local communities.

Our Promise

Our Promise is to unify anti-child sex trafficking by optimizing existing domestic organizations to ensure that they provide outstanding service and the deepest level of care to every child that is at risk of being trafficked and those that have been trafficked.

Our Leadership

Untrafficked™ is a grassroots organization. We operate with a very small paid staff, and depend heavily on our volunteer leaders. The dedicated men and women who donate their time to do the heavy lifting in the field are our most valuable resource. From the leadership of our executive board to the local and regional leaders across America, these volunteers play a critical role in helping Untrafficked™ achieve its mission.

Because we are a grassroots organization, Untrafficked™ Guardians carry the primary responsibility for developing relationships with local and regional: nonprofit leaders, social influencers, pastors, business leaders, sports figures, models, actors, speakers, politicians, and news casters. Our Untrafficked™ Ambassadors receive support and guidance from their regional coordinators, who in turn collaborate with the Untrafficked™ National Ambassador Head. The Executive Board and the Executive Director provide the national oversight and strategic insight for our organization andeach of our initiatives.

Our Values


We compassionately lift others out of abuse and lead them to hope, wholeness, and transformation.


We find our hearts in the loving service of others.


We collaborate with a diverse community united by shared convictions and values.


Our behaviors and lifestyles unequivocally reflect the spirit of our mission.


We are fast, flexible, and innovative.