Nearly 350 arrests made during human trafficking, sex crimes operation in Phoenix area

By Untrafficked Team On February 22, 2023

During the Super Bowl and WM Phoenix Open, law enforcement agencies conducted an operation to combat human trafficking and sex crimes. The operation, which took place from January 30 to February 11, resulted in nearly 350 arrests.

The events drew large crowds of people from outside the state, creating a bigger market for human trafficking and prostitution-related activities. Over 100 officers from state, local, and federal agencies worked to address the issue, targeting adults attempting to pay for sex with minors, online predators, street prostitution, and sex buyers.

The priority was to identify and recover victims of human trafficking and provide victim outreach.

The operation led to 48 felony arrests, 300 misdemeanor arrests, and the recovery of five juveniles and one adult victim.

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