It's Time To Untraffick America

Together, We Can End Domestic Child Sex Trafficking

There is a Problem

There are over 500,000 predators online and over 800,000 children went missing in the United States last year. Today, there are many access points that predators and traffickers use to reach your children.

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Child hugging mom after being rescued from Human Trafficking

There is Hope

The Untrafficked® Guardian Program teaches families about these access points and associated risks.

Learn About the Guardian Program
Smiling girl after Untrafficked's restoration program

There Will Be Victory

The Untrafficked® Guardian Handbook features curriculum to teach and equip families on how to protect their children and keep them safe

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The Guardian Program

The Untrafficked® Guardian Program is made up of carefully and thoughtfully composed curriculum with the goal to inform and equip you on how to become a well-trained defender of your home, protecting your children from being groomed by sexual predators and traffickers online and through other methods.


  • Know what child sex trafficking is
  • Effectively meet and talk with your children about grooming and trafficking
  • Learn how to spot if your children are being groomed, abused, or trafficked

The Guardian Handbook will guide you through how to Untraffick your home, your neighborhood and your community. Once you have completed the training, use this this handbook as a resource guide as you talk with your children and family members about grooming and child sex trafficking.

I PLEDGE to raise my voice, take action and do my part to stop child sex trafficking.

I PLEDGE to stand alongside of innocent children and keep them safe.

I PLEDGE to speak out on their behalf whenever and wherever necessary.

I PLEDGE to Untraffick America!

Become a Guardian.

Join the Movement. Protect your Family. Untraffick America.
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Our Mission Is To Untraffick America

Untrafficked® equips and mobilizes America to stop child sex trafficking and restore survivors - giving them hope for a brighter future.

We do this by deploying advanced technology, utilizing deep intel capabilities, and leveraging our well-established affiliate network.

We collaborate with well vetted organizations in order to establish effective alliances to bring operational support to make a lasting effect on local communities.

More About Untrafficked

Impact Programs

This Is How We Accomplish Our Mission


  • Awareness
  • Voice for the Voiceless
  • Events


  • Curriculum
  • Guardian Program
  • Community Involvement


  • Intelligence & Technology
  • Crisis Response
  • Collaboration with Law Enforcement


  • Network of Vetted Care Facilities
  • Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Healing
  • Family Counseling & Aftercare

Recent Testimonials

Mother holding rescued child due to Untrafficked's intervention efforts
"I don't know if we would have ever seen our daughter again if we didn't contact Untrafficked."
Trafficking Victim Recovery (TVR) in 5:31 from a location 352 miles from abduction. We were informed that this rate of response is unheard of in the domestic anti-trafficking sector.