Untrafficked Joins the Goya Cares Anti-Trafficking Coalition

By Untrafficked Team On January 25, 2023
Quote from Bob Unanue about Untrafficked

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – DALLAS, TEXAS – JANUARY 23, 2023: Untrafficked®, a leading nonprofit organization in the fight against domestic child sex trafficking, announced today that it is joining the Goya Cares Anti-Trafficking Coalition.

According to the FBI, there were over 500,000 missing children in the United States in 2021. They also stated that there are over 500,000 sexual predators online, seeking to groom and abduct children. In response to these harsh statistics, Untrafficked built a holistic approach to fight child sex trafficking through four operating pillars: Awareness, Prevention, Intervention, and Restoration.

Untrafficked® developed the Guardian Program, to equip families both in English and Spanish, teaching them best practices on how to prevent their children and youth from being groomed and trafficked.

Untrafficked® also built an alliance with 243 law enforcement agencies, 118 restoration facilities, and dozens of other organizations to fight domestic child sex trafficking. With this team collaboration, in 2022, Untrafficked® led or participated in the recovery of 242 children and 559 arrests of traffickers and predators. In 2023, Untrafficked® plans to open a state-of-the-art Command Center to expand its intelligence capabilities and intervention and recovery services.

“Collaboration is essential to winning the battle of domestic child sex trafficking. We are grateful that Goya Cares is bringing together community organizations and businesses to show solidarity for one major cause - to eradicate child trafficking.”- said Eric Colton, Chairman of Untrafficked. “Together, may we make a greater impact on the lives of children and all those affected by this atrocity.”

“We are honored to work alongside Untrafficked and support the incredible work they do as part of our Goya Cares Coalition. Together, we must continue to fight and bring the child back to the center of our care and concern so that they may have hope and the opportunity to live in a world where their life is valued and their freedom is a reality," said Bob Unanue, President & CEO of Goya Foods.

About Untrafficked®

Untrafficked® is a national anti-child sex trafficking 501(c)(3) organization educating and empowering Americans to speak and act with one voice in defense of at-risk children and children that are survivors of child sex trafficking. Untrafficked® is diverse across political, ethnic and demographic categories maximizes our impact in communities, the media, on campus, in our nation’s capital and across the United States. Untrafficked® is committed to confronting indifference and combating child sex trafficking in all its forms wherever it may be found. Untrafficked features each of its programs in both English and Spanish. Untrafficked's EIN is 85-0894728. #untraffickamerica

For more information, please visit: www.untrafficked.org

About Goya Cares

Goya Cares was established in 2021 and has helped raise awareness among millions of people around the world while supporting organizations and individuals through the Goya Cares coalition. The mission of Goya Cares is to educate, support, and protect children, and families, from being enslaved, abused and subjected to the trauma associated with child trafficking. To encourage community collaboration by recognizing the risks and working collectively to raise awareness and protect our youth. #GoyaCares

For more information, please visit: www.goyacares.com


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