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We Need You. We Can't Do This Alone.

Most Americans are unaware that children are being groomed by traffickers every day. In addition, the domestic anti-sex trafficking sector is fragmented and in need of leadership, organization, strategic input, and cohesive program management. 

Guardian Teaching a Child How to Be Safe Online

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By signing The Untrafficked® Pledge you will become an Untrafficked® Guardian. You will link arms with thousands of Untrafficked® Guardians to learn how to Untraffick your home, neighborhood, and community, and make an impact in confronting domestic child sex-trafficking.

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Volunteer helping to end domestic child-sex trafficking by untrafficking America

Become A Volunteer

Untrafficked® Volunteers are vetted men and women from all walks of life.

As an Untrafficked® Volunteer, you’ll be able to participate in the following

  • Raise Awareness About child sex-trafficking
  • Attend and Help at Special Events
  • Raise Financial Support
  • Plan Events
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Your voice matters. Every voice matters. Every person has a sphere of influence. Our children need you to take a stand with them to fight this horrific crime.

It's time to take a stand! Join us in our Quest to Untraffick America

I PLEDGE to raise my voice, take action and do my part to stop child sex trafficking.

I PLEDGE to stand alongside innocent children and keep them safe.

I PLEDGE to speak out on their behalf whenever and wherever necessary.

I PLEDGE to Untraffick America!

Become a Guardian.

Join the Movement. Protect your Family. Untraffick America.