Jenna Quinn, Author of The Jenna Quinn Law, becomes Untrafficked's National Spokesperson

By Untrafficked Team On enero 11, 2023

Untrafficked®, a leading nonprofit organization in the fight against domestic child sex trafficking, announced today that it has a new National Spokesperson, an authoritative advocate for child safety and prevention, a survivor of child sexual abuse, and the author of “Jenna’s Law,” Jenna Quinn.

As an organization driven to “Untraffick America”, Untrafficked® was seeking a spokesperson that exemplifies the same characteristics, principles, and passion for the mission. The parallels between Untrafficked and Jenna Quinn deliver an authentic, meaningful, and impactful alignment of both brands.

“Jenna Quinn revolutionized the fight against child sex trafficking by authoring Jenna’s Law and training hundreds of organizations. Untrafficked® equips and mobilizes people to stop child sex trafficking and restore survivors, giving them hope for a brighter future. We deploy advanced technology, utilize deep intel capabilities, and leverage our well-established affiliate network to succeed in our efforts,” said Eric Colton, Chairman of Untrafficked. “Having Jenna as our National Spokesperson brings together two credible names that are mutually dedicated and highly committed to ending child sex trafficking in the United States.”

The collaboration will include traditional, digital, and social campaigns as well as public appearances. The first being at “A Night of Hope” at Arizona State University, on Feb. 10, 2023, during the week of Super Bowl LVII.

“As a child sexual abuse survivor, prevention advocate, author, and activist, it’s a breath of fresh air to join Untrafficked”, said Jenna Quinn. “The mission, core values, and pillars of Untrafficked align perfectly with my mission and core values in this fight for our youth. Right now, our children and youth are more at risk than ever, with one in five victims of online grooming under age 11. I know what it feels like to be groomed by a predator, and so I know that there is power in prevention. I have seen firsthand in my years of experience with Jenna’s Law that education is the foundation of prevention. Many survivors of child sex trafficking were first sexually abused at an early age, which is why I have been committed to early intervention for so long. Untrafficked clearly understands the work that it takes to raise awareness through outreach, prevention, intervention, and restoration. I am confident that as a key spokesperson, together we can become a stronger force as a voice for the voiceless and embolden survivors in their healing journey.”

About Untrafficked®

Untrafficked® is a national anti-child sex trafficking 501(c)(3) organization, educating and empowering Americans to speak and act with one voice in defense of at-risk children and children that are survivors of child sex trafficking. Untrafficked® is diverse across political, ethnic, and demographic categories, maximizing our impact in communities, the media, on campus, in our nation’s capital, and across the United States. Untrafficked® is committed to confronting indifference and combating child sex trafficking in all its forms wherever it may be found. Untrafficked's EIN is 85-0894728.

About Jenna Quinn

Jenna Quinn is a survivor of child sexual abuse, author, speaker, and activist. As an advocate for change, she is best known as the namesake of both state and federal legislation called Jenna's Law, which was unanimously approved by the United States Senate with 100 votes in favor to zero opposed. Jenna was first asked to speak in public to share her story as a young teenager and hasn't stopped since. She seeks to help survivors live a life of freedom and transformation. She has been featured in Glamour Magazine, CBN, CNN, and The 700 Club. Jenna has given over 500 presentations, worked with over 100 Child Advocacy Centers, and helped raise over 20 million dollars for organizations fighting child sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking. She is a wife, a mother, and lives with her family in the Dallas, TX area.



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